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About Ravi Mehandi Art Nexus

Indian wedding and every single ceremony are incomplete without Henna or Mehandi. Dried Henna leaves are processed and filtered to make powder which is then made into paste to be applied onto hands. After a few hours, henna paste leaves beautiful colour that every Indian lady is attached to. The smell and shade of henna is mind blowing, which feels so pure.

It feels better when the paste is applied with some imagination. Mehndi is an art. Various Indian artists are experts of different designs popularly categorised as Mughalai, Hyderabadi, Jardosi, Arabian, and many others. The trendy beauty of mehandi comes out with the artistic design and the colour that it leaves on the palm and around the feet. The awesome colour of Mehandi makes any occasion lovely and memorable.

Indian wedding and engagement ceremonies are incomplete without Mehandi. So, Vicky Mehndi let you enjoy the festivities with all vitality and energy with the true colours of Best Bridal Mehandi Designer. Our designers are experts in all art forms of applying mehandi. They are innovative and thought of incredible designs that can influence anybody to go WOW.

At Ravi Mehandi Art Nexus, we understand what it takes to make any occasion wonderful. Our team based in Bangalore satisfies the needs of their clients by applying mehandi creatively on uncovered palms. Our artists are also ready to visit your door to door apply mehandi and make your event even more happening. We offer services all across Bangalore-NCR and apply stunning designs that catch eye.

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